Running at Parc del Fòrum

Herzog, de Meuron, Zaera Polo, Domingo and Ferré…
No, that’s not the guest’s list for my next party. I wish!
They are some of the arquitects who have worked at “Parc del Fòrum”.
It’s next to the sea and Besós river, and it holds lots of festivals and concerts, like Summercase, for example.
If you want to know what happens at Fòrum zone, just take a look at Barcelona’s agenda.

And if nothing it’s gonig on, just do like me.
Pick up your trainers… and run!

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  1. Con razón viene tanta gente a Barcelona !! con promociones como esta con una preciosa dama no me extraña :D, gracias, bonitas webs tienes, un admirador 🙂

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