What to wear in Barcelona in summer

One of the most delicate moments when I travel abroad takes place in my room.

First, I look at my closet. Then, I see my suitcase. So many clothes, so little space… ;P

That’s why I want you to know what do you have to take if you come to Barcelona in summer.

Don’t worry, because with my little advice, you’ll be really comfortable and, of course, absolutely cool and fashionable. And please, remember, don’t put anything on your head you could regret!!

This episode is shooted here.

And the little shop with those horrible mexican hats is in Les Rambles, next to Plaça Reial.

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  1. Hi Mònica!
    Yes, we forgot that… And believe us, we have seen some tourists in their sandals with some socks during the shootings!
    Maybe we should do a video about the dressing code in Barcelona.

  2. But you yourself were wearing something on your hat!
    ps. you look more lovely when you speak english hahaha

  3. Hey fyl!

    Gina was wearing a lovely hat, not a horrible mexican hat!
    We are exclusively against that “souvenir” (which we must say it’s not typical).
    But of course, in summer, you should wear something on your head.

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