Fundació Joan Miró


Hi everyone!
Do you know that Joan Miró decided to build Fundació Joan Miró just to promote contemporary art?
Some of the artist artworks such as sculptures, paintings, designs and tapestry are displayed in this museum.
Come to Montjuïc to discover the essence of Miró’s art with your family.
And remember, walk up to the roof to take a breath taking picture from Barcelona!

Walking around Gràcia

Hey everyone!
Do you know that Gràcia was an independent village before becoming a neighborhood of the city?
That’s why its people feel so different to the other Barcelona’s inhabitants.
Walking down Gràcia’s streets is absolutely charming, with its genuine shops and bars.
And you know what I love the most?
Getting up in a sunday morning and having a drink in one of its squares with someone.
Maybe the next time you come to the city…

Christmas menu

25 de desembre, fum, fum, fum!!!
People, it’s Christmas!
I love this time of carols, presents and… Food! Yummy!
We have an authentic Christmas menu at a restaurant in Gràcia…
Wanna know the details?
Lucky you, because you won’t have to wait for Santa to tell you.

Find your way in Barcelona

Whenever I arrive to a new city, all I want to do is walk down the streets, go sightseeing and enjoy every minute.
However, sometimes it’s easy to get lost…
That’s why I wanted to explain you a few tips which will make your visit easier.
Is Plaça Catalunya the city center?
Why do people say toward the mountains, or towards the sea?
Why is la Diagonal so important?
With this video and map, there’s no way you can get lost in the city!

La Sagrada Família

When a monument is visited by more than 3 million people every year, there has to be something.
And la Sagrada Família has it. Something difficult to explain. Magical. Wonderful.
And there are not enough lines to explain it.
Its construction began in 1882, and it’s not finished yet.
Antoni Gaudí created, without knowing it, Barcelona’s most representative image.
Nowadays, people are still working following the architect’s directions.
It has been said that the temple will be finished for Gaudí’s death century.
But don’t wait for it, you can come earlier!

Show must go on at Avinguda Paral•lel

Have you ever imagined to have, in no more than 200 meters, theaters, cabarets, or even erotic shows?
Well, in the past, Avinguda Paral•lel was that place. Or even better.
Nowadays, this major street in Barcelona mantains some of these places, and is the visit is really worth it.
And what about its name? Paral•lel? Do you imagine its origin?
This, and much more, in our video.

El Parc Güell

There are lots of restaurants to have delicious meals in Barcelona, but sometimes, the perfect meal is just a sandwich in the perfect place.
And today we show you the most magnificient park: el Parc Güell!
Gaudí designed it as the perfect combination of architecture and nature.
Do you know what is “trencadís”? And have you seen the snake-shaped bench?
Well, the time has come for you to know.
Don’t forget your sandwich!

Barceloneta’s beach

Let’s come clean…
You love visiting Sagrada Família, walking around Parc de la Ciutadella and eating a delicious “tapa”, but when it’s summer, Barcelona means specially one thing: beach time!
Today we visit la Barceloneta, one of the most important and the favourite one for foreigners.
And forget about just laying down, because there are plenty of activities to do.
Wanna know them?
Then click play!